Sexy actresses from the early days of film right up through the 1960s

A famous hot classic actressess is usually defined as sexy actresses from the “Studio Era” in Hollywood wherein a studio outright bought an actor or actress’s right to be in movies for a certain time or number of movies.

TheĀ  classic actresses on this list are all iconic, beautiful faces from this era, famous not only for the roles they played, but also for the role they each played in shaping the Hollywood of today.

These are the famous hot classic actresses from the bygone Studio Age of film.

These famous hot classic actresses were the bombshells of their day and their classic beauty still holds up today.

From Audrey Hepburn to Vivien Leigh, these classic, vintage hotties starred in some of the most popular classic Hollywood films as well.

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Gene Tierney:

Janet Leigh:

Ingrid Bergman:

Myrna Loy:

Simone Simon:


Virna Lisi:

Kim Novak: