Countries with most beautiful Women in the World

1rst. Brazil:

Brazil, home to the greatest quantity of fitness models within the Latin region, is a place where you?

You will find women who rank one of the most beautiful on the planet.

Both brunette and brunette Brazilian young ladies are well known for their sexy, sporty and very attractive bodies which greatly complements their ravishing looks.

Most famed women from Brazil have medium complexion with glowing skin area.

2nd. Russia:

Russian women are extensively appreciated across the world for their alluring unknown eyes, flawless fair epidermis, great figure added on to a good height.

Many of them have stunning and proportional bodies.

3th. Venezuela:

Home of many Miss Universe and Neglect World beauty pageant those who win, Venezuela is certainly one vast lot gifted and flourishing with beautiful looks.

A typical woman from Venezuela would have an extended, slim body matched with an appealing face which makes them nothing more but smoking hot.

4th. Serbia:

Slavic and Mediterranean heredity are the key features of Serbia girls.

The majority of them, around 99 percent have a tall and eye-catchy curvy figure wearing stylish clothes, accentuated with the expressive and appealing sight, which makes women including celebrities envious of their beauty.